Our Services

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care to our families. Our fee schedule is market sensitive, fiscally responsible and reflects the value that we place on our team and the services we provide. We use a collaborative medical home model with you and your child's Primary Care Physician serving as the primary managers and we act in a supportive role as the sub-specialty consultant. Your Primary Care Physician will be actively engaged in the consultation process and we will provide timely feedback to you and them regarding diagnosis, recommendation and therapeutic options.

Family Consultations

For the new patient's family members who would like to meet before scheduling a full evaluation. This forty minute visit is for the parents only. It provides an opportunity for parents to discuss their concerns at length. At the end of this session parents will have an understanding of the evaluation process and the different treatment approaches available to meet your child's needs.


New Patient Evaluation

Initial Assessment

Begins the evaluation process and is completed if your child has never been evaluated for the current concerns. It entails an interview with the parents to obtain a comprehensive history of the child such as birth history, nutrition, sleep habits, current social interaction, family history, the child’s interests, any previous traumatic events, and previous medical, behavioral or surgical interventions. This visit is for the parent only and the duration of this visit may take anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes.

Child Evaluation

It is for the parent and child, normally takes about sixty minutes and is considered to be the diagnostic evaluation visit. This visit includes the child interview and observation, complete medical examination and the use of standardized developmental test materials. Developmental tests used and associated fees will vary and depend upon the individual needs of the child.

Feedback Visit

It is for parents only and we discuss the evaluation results as well as the interventions or treatment recommendations made by the team. This normally takes up to forty minutes.

Treatment Consultation

Is recommended for children who have already been previously evaluated and have a diagnosis or who have received treatment for the present concern and are seeking a second opinion. The focus of this visit is to establish a treatment plan appropriate for the individual child, family and primary care physician. This visit is about forty minutes in length.

Follow up Visit

It is for an established patient and will range from fifteen minutes - forty minutes depending upon the needs of the child and family. These visits are necessary for medication management or to assess and monitor treatment plans and the child’s developmental progress.

Electronic Visits

These sessions involve a Web based exchange of non-urgent clinical information between an established patient and a physician conducted over a secure network and you are billed at the same hourly rates as our office visits. This is not a substitute for face to face time with your child, but it may take the place of an office visit when requested and agreed upon by the team.

Consultation Fees

Any fees discussed serve as an estimate for assessment and consultative services and will vary depending on the complexity and level of services provided. We have decided not to accept insurance plans at this time. In most cases insurance plans will cover the services we offer. We encourage families to pursue reimbursement when possible and we provide documentation for families upon request to allow families to meet the requirements of their individual insurance plans. However, every plan is different, and we cannot guarantee your insurance company will reimburse you for your visit. We do not file claims for families and do not have the staff to handle matters related to your insurance coverage. Full payment for your visit is expected at the time of service. We accept credit cards-Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and bank debit cards.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that you are financially responsible for confirmed appointments and will be charged $250 if you cancel a scheduled visit without adequate notice. New patient evaluations, follow up and parent feedback visits must be cancelled no later than 1 business day (24 hours, or Friday morning if your child’s appointment is on a Monday) prior to the visit. Understand that we will schedule hours of our teams time to be spent with you and your child for a Patient’s Evaluation that cannot be rescheduled without adequate notice.